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What is Political Economy?
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Broad Subject Areas
Adam Smith and the origins of economic liberalism.
Karl Marx and the critique of capitalism.
Thorstein Veblen and Institutional Economics.
Keynes and Keynesianism
Contemporary concerns about corporate power
Market Enclosures.
Global debt, the IMF and the World Bank
Dollar Hegemony
The 2008 Debt Crisis and its consequences
Energy depletion and the Peak Oil controversy
Global consequences of energy dependency
Methodological Issues in Economics
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Adam_Smith     Adam Smith: Relevance to Today     Adam Smith: the role of government     Adam Smith:Self-interest, the market and sympathy     Adam Smith: Labour and the Theory of Value     Corporate Power     Corporate Power: Retail     Corporate Power: Food & Drugs     Corporate Power: The Media     Dollar Hegemony     Enclosures of the 'Commons'     Energy Depletion: 'Peak Oil'     Energy Depletion: debating the consequences     Energy Security and Global Conflict     Financialisation     Financialisation: Rent and the Rentier     The Great Depression     The IMF and World Bank     Kalecki     Karl Marx     Marx: Alienation and Fetishism     Marx: Labour and the Theory of Value     Marx: Money, Finance and Economic Crisis     Marx: Primitive Accumulation     Marx: Relevance to Today     Methodological Issues in Economics     John Maynard Keynes     Keynes and the Bretton Woods System     Keynes: Uncertainty and Financial Instability     Keynesianism after Keynes     Did Keynesianism neutralise Keynes?     The Post Keynesian School     2008 Debt Crisis and its Macro Consequences     2008 Debt Crisis: The Wall Street Bailout     2008 Debt Crisis: The Macro Policy Debate     2008 Debt Crisis and Intellectual failure'     2008 Debt Crisis and Post Keynesian Economics     2008 Debt Crisis and Marxian Economics     21st Century Deficit Hysteria     21st Century Crisis in Europe     Thorstein Veblen     Veblen and Contemporary Capitalism